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Losing Respect >>

Posted in 1 by Ali on April 21, 2010

I can’t just explain. But I lost the respect I had for Sania Mirza. It is for many small and big reasons. She is not the same she was when she played her first match.

In fact, Not even with the same vision.

Sorry ;-( But I don’t respect her for anything she has been doing lately.


313s Launched

Posted in 1 by Ali on March 4, 2010

staying here in MPSTME we get a lot of crazy ideas!
one of them is 313s….

we launched our website today….
it is going to be big >> i can see it.

log on to for more details.

Pranav Mistry is the MAN !!!

Posted in 1 by Ali on February 14, 2010

if you think like me,,, that iPad is something doing to change the world… Think Again!!
It’s Pranav Mistry and His Sixth Sense ,,, which is the NEW** to bring down stocks from the Wall Streets..

Apple Goes Down,,, Microsoft Goes Down,, Google Also Goes Down,,, >>> It’s an Indian…
and I am proud… Cheers to Pranav Mistry….

you think i am fool…. log on to
and know more about the guy on

i’ll go crazy

Iran Cyber Army ;-)

Posted in 1 by Ali on January 15, 2010

pro-Iranians who call them selfs the Iran Cyber Army had pulled down twitter for a little time,,, and also paralyzed the the most popular and biggest Search Engine Site in China.. speculations that this was a protest because the of the £CN4Iran …

Chinese internet users trying to access the search engine Baidu found an Iranian flag on the home page with a message saying “This site has been hacked by Iranian Cyber Army”, the People’s Daily reported on its website. Below a sentence in Farsi read, “In reaction to the US authorities’ intervention in Iran’s internal affairs. This is a warning,” the report said, posting an image of the hacked page.

The state-run China News Service quoted an unnamed official at Baidu as saying the website’s domain name had been hijacked, redirecting traffic to another site.

“It’s the same warning showed to…but I’m not very sure how you would connect this to £CN4Iran. Baidu is a very weird choice,” Michael Anti, an influential Chinese blogger, told The Guardian.

On the website, beneath a large Chinese flag, a message from the “Chinese Honker Team” read: “This morning your Iranian Cyber Army intrusion [sic] our…Please tell your so-called Iranian Cyber Army…Don’t intrusion Chinese website…This is a warning!”

A message on the website read: “The People’s Republic of China long live…Oppose splitting Safeguarding unity.” AGENCIES

Now what is this taking shape to….>>>>>> You decide!